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Information Technology / Information Communication Technology

With the advent of information and communication technologies, World has become a global village in recent decade with diversified IT and ICT needs. This led to the need for organizations which provide flexible and cost effective services

At GK & K Associates we build exhaustive software solutions catering to the customer needs and requirements. Our motto is to provide efficient and timely IT /ICT services for our customers and in enabling them become fore runners in their respective fields.

We are specialised in providing services in
  • Blockchain Methodology
  • Cloud Implementation
  • Digital Transformation
  • Internet Of Things (IoT)


In the digital era, with a drastic increase in the usage of Telecommunication devices/services like mobile, internet, TV etc. need for a well-organized Telecommunication service providers too raised.

Our team at GK & K Associates are well equipped with Telecommunication Domain knowledge and technical expertise which enables them to promptly handle any functional or technical challenges and deliver the solutions to customer satisfaction.

We provide Telecom Implementation services like :
  1. Broadband and MSAN Network setup
  2. BTS/Node installation, Commissioning and integrations
  3. Microwave transmition operation
  4. BSC /RNC installation, commissioning and integration
  5. Providing Technical and Survey Reports
  6. Technical and Survey Report
  7. Antenna System installation and testing

And Our operation and Maintainance Services include
  1. Handle GSM Broadband / CDMA RNC software
  2. Hardware Upgradation
  3. Radio Network Planning and Optimization


Efficient handling of Logistics play a vital role in the success of any Organization, thus creating the need of a potent logistics service provider. We help organizations in concentrating more on their core activities by efficiently handling their logistics part.

Prime objective of GK & K Associates is to provide Customers with robust logistic Solutions. We perform careful analysis, modelling and optimization of our Client needs and specifications before offering the solutions.

We provide logistic services in
  1. Transportation
  2. Warehousing
  3. Distribution Services
  4. Project Management

Solar Power

With decrease in manufacturing costs and gradual increase in usage and volume, Solar sector is seeing a rapid growth in the last couple of years and analysts predicts that this upward swing is unstoppable for the next couple of decades in the least.

We at GK &K Associates cater this fast paced and diverse Solar sector needs by offering the below services
  1. Solar systems for Residential use
  2. Providing Solar PV Systems Options
  3. Solar systems for Commercial usage
  4. Setting up a Solar Farming